The Transformations of Wahhabism in the Context of the New Policy of Saudi Arabia



Wahhabism, Muhammad ibn Abd-al Wahhab, Saudi Arabia, terrorism, ideology, network


The Wahhabism was perceived as an offspring of the Saudi Arabia from the very beginning of its growing role in the foreign relations. In the last ten years, however, there have been emerged different viewpoints concerning the relations of Wahhabism and the state in which it had been raised. Some of those ideas detach the Wahhabism from the state and speak about Saudi Arabia as a kingdom which has chosen the path of democracy. These viewpoints give birth to several questions, some of which are discussed in the article. In particular, the article gives answer to the following questions: a) Can we say Wahhabism and ideology or Wahhabism means ideology? b) Can we say Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia or Wahhabism means Saudi Arabia? and c) Do we have the word Wahhabism as a term with exact meaning or does it have several definitions?


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