About the Journal

Analytical Bulletin (AB, Arm. Վերլուծական տեղեկագիր (Verlutsakan teghekagir)) is a biannual academic journal that concentrates on the Caucasus and the Middle East and critically analyzes social, cultural, religious, and political perspectives and developments in these regions. The Analytical Bulletin is published by the Center for Culture and Civilization Studies, which was founded in 2007 within the Yerevan State University and reorganized into an independent foundation in 2021. Due to this reorganization, there was a publishing gap in the journal’s history. However, the CCCS reorganization is now completed and new issues have been published since then․ 

The Analytical Bulletin seeks to stimulate social and political debate on current and historical issues of the Caucasus and the ME regions. The variety of viewpoints published in the journal engenders a multifaceted understanding of these regions, and the journal, therefore, welcomes papers from a wide range of disciplines.

The journal is a cross-disciplinary journal, publishing original research, book reviews and review articles in the fields of history, politics, sociology, and literary and intellectual history from scholars across the world. We are also interested in features beyond the traditional fare of academic journals and will consider submissions of documentation, interviews and eyewitness accounts. Analytical Bulletin accepts multi-country analyses linking the regions with the wider issues of world order and globalisation.

Please note that this journal publishes manuscripts in Armenian, English, and Russian.